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ISSI Attending Craft Brew Conference 2016


ISSI To Attend 2016 Craft Brew Conference in Philadelphia

April 27, 2016

 Industrial & Shippers Supply will be attending the Brew Conference in Philadelphia May 3-6, 2016. Come see us at the MSSC or Matthews Marking booths! Check it out here.
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First Universal Controller!!

The Benefits of Universal Marking System Management 

May 23, 2016

Manufacturers of consumer packaged goods are in dire need of the ability print on several levels of varying packaging materials when producing, packing and shipping their products.


Often times this results in numerous different marking systems and information databases for one
production line and one warehouse. Now, couple that with all the man hours to continuously update each individual system and input the data changes into a database for tracking purposes. Now let's say you have multiple locations all enduring this same process......
How much money are you losing on each production run?? And this doesn't even calculate waste for human error!

Now imagine somebody invented a wireless, touchscreen universal remote to handle all of your systems....Mmmmm, sounds nice right? 

Industrial & Shippers Supply is a proud distributor of the Matthews Marking Systems very first universal controller! The Mperia - even the name fits! Check it out here. The Mperia boasts the ability to control multiple different printing technologies from your basis DOD for the individual packages to the label applicator for your end of run palletized product. It's large touch screen makes editing messages over the entire line a breeze...and the best part.... it's all backed up to a database and makes the required date and lot changes automatically!! No more sending Joe out to update each unit multiple times a day!
Then, don't waste another minute or dollar! Call us to get a full system quote based on your specific needs today! 713-675-5391 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Every Stretch Film Question You Were Too Afraid To Ask....

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Stretch Film and Machinery!!

May 24, 2016

Check out this power point to answer all your basic stretch film and application questions! Which type of film and machine fit your needs? Comment on our Facebook post here to tell us! 

Save Money and Time with Thermal Inkjet!

Snack food manufacturer replaces costly CIJ with TIJ - cuts printer related downtime by 90%!

Complicated ink and solvents mixings as well as slow start up processes were eliminated when Matthews Marking Systems implemented a low-maintenance thermal ink jet printer with cartridge-based ink supply, controlled by the MPERIA® platform.


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